Podiatric Treatment in Minnetonka, MN

Welcome to Arobella Medical LLC, your trusted partner in podiatric treatments. We understand how crucial it is for you to stay on the move without foot or ankle discomfort slowing you down.

That’s why our dedicated team of experts are always ready to lend a helping hand. Armed with deep knowledge and steadfast commitment, we’re adept at diagnosing and mapping out a treatment plan tailored just for you, covering a multitude of conditions.

So step up confidently onto the path back to well-being with us; we proudly provide top-rated podiatric medicine care that cares about every step you take!

Common Podiatric Conditions Treated

We tackle an extensive range of podiatric conditions to alleviate your discomfort and enhance your mobility. From foot injuries resulting from sports or everyday life, to chronic illnesses impacting your feet and ankles, our proficient team has handled it all.

Conditions such as hammertoe, bunions, flat feet – which occur due to abnormal foot structure – are some of the issues frequently seen by us.

In addition to these structural anomalies, we also cater to patients suffering from diabetes-related foot disorders. This includes providing diabetic foot care management in order to prevent wounds that if untreated could escalate into serious complications.

Other ailments like plantar fasciitis causing severe heel pain or Achilles tendinitis often associated with intense ankle pain make up a significant part of the podiatric treatments we provide daily.

Podiatric Treatments and Services

We offer a range of podiatric treatments and services to address foot and ankle issues. From foot and ankle surgery to orthotics, wound care, physical therapy, and sports medicine, we have the expertise to provide comprehensive care for all your podiatric needs.

Foot and ankle surgery

We pride ourselves on providing precise and careful foot and ankle surgery. This is an essential part of our podiatric treatments that aim to relieve severe foot pain, adjust abnormal foot structures, or heal serious injuries.

Our skilled Podiatrist carries out a comprehensive assessment before creating a personalized treatment plan which may include surgery. The objectives of these procedures vary from correcting foot deformities to making daily tasks more comfortable for those grappling with chronic conditions.

Orthotics and custom shoe inserts

Orthotics and custom shoe inserts hold an important place in the field of podiatric medicine. These precisely designed devices help adjust abnormal foot structures, offer support, and relieve foot discomfort.

They often serve as a central element in treating different foot disorders like flatfoot or plantar fasciitis. Tailored to meet the needs of your unique feet, these devices assist in evenly distributing weight across your foot, thus minimizing pressure on specific areas.

A skilled team utilizing state-of-the-art technology meticulously creates each insert for a perfect fit that ensures maximum relief from foot pain.

Wound care and diabetic foot management

Specializing in comprehensive wound care and diabetic foot management, our team of expert podiatrists is highly trained in evaluating and treating various types of wounds such as ulcers, infections, and traumatic injuries.

Utilizing advanced techniques and state-of-the-art technology, we create personalized treatment plans to promote healing and prevent complications. Whether you have a chronic wound or are at risk for diabetes-related foot problems, our exceptional podiatrists are ready to provide the specialized care you need.

Easily schedule an appointment online today for top-quality foot disorder care.

Physical therapy and rehabilitation

Our experts in podiatric healthcare offer physical therapy and rehabilitation services to aid patients in recovering from foot injuries, correcting abnormal foot structures, and managing different foot disorders.

In these sessions, our skilled podiatrists collaborate with patients to create personalized treatment plans that prioritize muscle strengthening, flexibility improvement, and overall mobility enhancement.

Whether you’re dealing with a sports-related injury or require post-surgical rehabilitation, our team is committed to delivering top-notch care. Book an appointment online now for effective physical therapy and rehabilitation treatments!

Sports medicine

At our clinic, we provide comprehensive sports medicine services for individuals who have experienced foot or ankle injuries while participating in athletic activities. We understand the frustration and limitations these injuries can cause, so we are dedicated to offering exceptional care to help you recover quickly.

Our skilled podiatric healthcare specialists specialize in treating various sports-related conditions such as sprains, strains, fractures, and tendonitis. Using advanced diagnostic tools and techniques, we will collaborate with you to create a personalized treatment plan that suits your specific needs.

Whether it involves physical therapy, rehabilitation exercises, or non-invasive treatments like orthotics or custom shoe inserts – we have all the solutions for you. Our objective is to assist you in regaining strength and mobility so that you can resume your favorite sports and activities without any hindrance.