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Wound Care Management in Minnetonka, MN

As fellow advocates for exceptional healthcare, we’re thrilled to introduce you to our innovative Ultrasonic Wound Care/Management tools. Over the past few years, we’ve committed ourselves to creating a product that can truly expedite healing for your patients. It’s not just about growing business for us; it’s about enhancing lives and improving the quality of care provided across a plethora of healthcare practices.

Our tool, comparable in size to a desktop computer with a handy unit for surgical use, is unique in its dual functionality. It offers both contact and non-contact methods, catering to diverse needs within your practice. We’re proud to have been recommended by many of you, resulting in our business doubling year over year for the last three years.

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We see ourselves as more than a business; we’re part of the broader healthcare community. Our goal is to support you, the doctors tirelessly serving our communities, by providing reliable tools that meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

We’re excited about our journey ahead and grateful for the opportunity to serve you better. We’re confident that our products will not only help you stand out in your practice but also significantly contribute to improved patient outcomes. Thank you for being a part of our mission!

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Ultrasonic Wound Care/Management

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Ultrasonic Wound Care/Management tool work?

Our tool uses ultrasonic technology to gently cleanse the wound from debris and bacteria, stimulating the wound bed to promote the body’s natural healing process.

What makes your tool different from other wound care management tools in the market?

Our device stands out due to its dual functionality. It can operate in both contact and non-contact modes, offering flexibility for different clinical scenarios.

How will this tool benefit my patients?

By using our tool, you can expedite your patients’ healing timelines, minimize the risk of infection, and enhance the overall quality of their care.

How portable is your device? Can it be easily used in a variety of settings?

Our device is designed with portability in mind. Comparable to a desktop computer in size, it also includes a handheld unit for surgical use. It can be easily transported and utilized in various healthcare settings.

How can I learn to use this tool effectively in my practice?

We provide comprehensive training and customer support to ensure you feel confident using our tool. We’ll guide you through its functionalities and best practices for using it in different clinical scenarios.