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Dan Anderson

Medical Device Executive

Dan Anderson is an experienced medical device executive with over 30 years of experience in the field of Wound Care, specifically Offloading Devices, Ultrasonic Therapies, and Technologies as related to Wound Care. both Contact and Non-Contact modalities in clinics, hospitals, and private offices as well as Ortho and Spine surgeries.  Dan has participated in many forms of Ultrasound Technologies involving Wound Care, Orthopedics and Spine.  He has a complete understanding of product conception, development, and production as well as new product launch and sales utilizing large teams of Sales Representatives, both direct and independent. Dan has been the Vice President and Director of Sales for WoundKair Concepts, Inc. since 2004 and has been the US Director of Sales Wound Care, Ortho and Spine and the US Master Distributor of other Ultrasonic Technologies with his co-partner and wife Kimberly Anderson.