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Arobella Medical CEO Speaks at the 10th Annual Wound Healing: Science and Industry conference

Minneapolis, Minn.(January 4, 2010) - Eliaz Babaev, Ph.D., D.Sc., co-founder and CEO of Arobella Medical, LLC™, a leader in advanced ultrasonic wound care, presented on the fundamentals of Ultrasound-Assisted Wound Treatment (UAWT) at the 10th Annual Wound Healing: Science and Industry conference held December 11th through 13th in St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands. Dr. Babaev, as one of the foremost authorities on low frequency, therapeutic ultrasound and wound healing, was selected as a faculty member of the conference.

In his presentation titled "Acoustic Cavitation", Dr. Babaev examined the phenomenon of acoustic cavitation, both its technical and medical applications, as well as development and research to evaluate the safety, validity, and efficacy of ultrasound treatment for all types of acute and chronic wounds. He also presented results from both clinical therapy and wound-related harmful bacteria studies performed in clinic and university labs. These results reflected the latest achievements from Arobella Medical, LLC in the advancement of Ultrasound-Assisted Wound Therapy.

At the forefront of Dr. Babaev's experience and research was the Qoustic Wound Therapy System® from Arobella Medical, LLC, which advanced the use of low-frequency cavitational ultrasound in wound care by gently removing dead and diseased tissue cells and killing harmful bacteria and biofilm, while leaving healthy and pre-healing granulation tissue intact.

Prior to immigrating to the United States, Dr. Babaev was a professor and director of a biomedical engineering center in the former Soviet Union; before that he had been a Ph.D. Student and Assistant Professor in the Biomedical Engineering at Bauman Moscow State Technical University. He has also been a Research Fellow in Biomechanics and Bioengineering at the Warsaw Technical University and Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and a Visiting Professor at several universities in the People's Republic of China.

Dr. Babaev had accomplished two Doctor of Science (D.Sc.) degrees: Biomedical Engineering with a specialty in Medical Ultrasound from the State Supreme Certification Committee in Moscow, Russia (1993) and Biomedical Instrumentations and Biomechanics from the Latvian Academy of Science in Riga, Latvia (1991). He had also earned his Ph.D. in Biomedical and Biomechanical Engineering with an emphasis in Medical Ultrasound and Body Biomechanics from the Bauman Moscow State Technical University (1975).

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