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New ultrasound wound therapy arrives at Aurora Health – Fond du Lac

Minneapolis, Minn.(January 23, 2012) - Maria E. Saleh, DPM, MS, of Aurora Health Center (Fond du Lac, WI), who recently completed training on the Qoustic Wound Therapy System™ technology, is already putting this unique Ultrasonic Wound Therapy (UWT) to work debriding patients’ wounds, i.e. removing, by direct contact, superficial dead tissue, exudates, and other non-viable matter from healthy tissue.

When applied to the wound bed, UWT debridement via the Qoustic Qurette™ probe produces deep tissue penetration of ultrasonic energy, and the associated fibrinolytic action cleaves the necrotic slough and biofilm from the underlying viable tissue without removing healthy tissue. The results have translated almost immediately to better wound treatment vectors and better overall outcomes with fewer complications. Dr. Saleh is excited by the possibilities of how this new ultrasonic therapy will change the approach and treatment of all types of wounds and by the opportunity to bring it to her patients.

Debridement is essential for proper wound management as it enhances the proliferative phase activity by removing all foreign material and all contaminated and devitalized tissues from or adjacent to a traumatic or infected area until surrounding healthy tissue is exposed and eliminating necrotic tissue that can act as a medium for biofilm and/or infection on the wound.

This is the seventh Aurora Health facility to use the Qoustic Wound Therapy System device for debriding their patients’ wounds and allowing them to provide statewide coverage. Aurora Health was among the first users nationwide to adopt this exciting technology and consequently advance clinical practice by leveraging UWT in overall wound management.

Russian scientist Eliaz Babaev, Ph.D., developed the ultrasonic Qoustic Wound Therapy System device and its unique dome-shaped Qoustic Qurette™ probe. He is the CEO and President of Arobella Medical, LLC, based in Minnetonka, MN, which manufacturers and markets the device. This new generation of ultrasonic wound treatment is highly effective because it focuses variable power ultrasonic energy directly on the wound bed while debriding and irrigating wound tissue.

About Maria E. Saleh, DPM, MS

As a specialist in podiatric medicine and surgery, Maria E. Saleh, DPM, MS, helps patients resume normal daily activities after foot injury or disease. She has been honored with many awards, including the Gold Award in Dermatology and the Silver Award in Pediatrics.

About Arobella Medical, LLC

Arobella Medical, LLC is Minnetonka-based medical device company specializing in low-frequency ultrasound in wound management therapies. Arobella Medical, LLC is positioned to become the leader in advanced ultrasound wound care technologies and devices. Arobella Medical, LLC co-founder and CEO Eliaz Babaev has more than 45 years of experience developing, designing and commercializing medical devices that use ultrasound.

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