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Arobella Medical Announces Its Largest International Sale

Minneapolis, Minn.(August 26, 2011) - Arobella Medical, LLC is pleased to announce the award of an International Ministry of Health Tender for the Qoustic Wound Therapy System® (QWTS). The order for twenty of the QWTS represents the largest single purchase since Arobella launched its first product in February 2008.

Given a very tight timeline for shipping this order, President/CEO Eliaz Babaev challenged the staff to ship all twenty QWTS in 45 days, i.e. for July 22nd, 2011. As a result, this project “20 on 22” was launched and was the rally cry for this laser-like, tightly-focused effort.

Plans were drafted and put in motion; everyone knew what they had to do. Suppliers were contacted, orders were expedited, shipped, and received, and product was manufactured. It was not easy as there were quite a few unforeseen hurdles along the way. By working very closely together, what had seemed impossible was made possible through the diligence and dedication of the Arobella staff.

At noon on July 21st, the long hours and hard work paid off. All twenty QWTS were completed, inspected, tested, certified, packaged, palletized, and awaiting pickup ahead of schedule. “I am proud of the entire team”, said Eliaz Babaev. “They all worked very hard to ensure our deadline was met. This order represents the tipping point of many more orders from this ministry and others in the region.”

Team on July 22, 2011

Team on July 22, 2011

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