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Qoustic Wound Therapy System.

Arobella Medical is an innovative company committed to providing wound care professionals with advanced technology to manage today's most difficult cases while developing new medical devices and therapies anticipating those needs for tomorrow.

The first product from Arobella Medical, the Qoustic Wound Therapy System® - Model AR1000 Series, introduced the market to our patented dome-shaped Qoustic Qurette™ technology. Using very light contact and effort, the Qoustic Qurette™ offers care providers the ability to selectively apply and focus debridement therapy energized by low-frequency ultrasound and accompanied by a sterile saline wash directly on the wound tissue. This effectively separates, fragments, and removes devitalized or necrotic tissue, exudate, and other matter safely away from the healthy tissue underneath, and debridement should promote improved circulation and granulation to effectively pursue wound closure trajectories, especially in more challenging cases where standard-of-care may not have proven as effective.

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